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I am an emerging Hamilton, Ontario based artist working in a range of mediums, from painting and collage to photography, film, video and installation. My aim is to incorporate my training and practice in film and video with emerging digital technologies. I am increasingly interested in the ways that digital technologies are capable of allowing viewers to interact with images and how this can effect the viewer’s experience of an artwork. Whether I am working with paint, photography or video, my work is consistently concerned with landscapes, with the religious imagination, and with the nature of dreams and perception. My thesis work at Ryerson and York University brought me close to the work of Michael Snow, Bruce Elder, Carl Brown, Stan Brakhage and especially Jack Chambers. My belief is that art is capable of transmitting the wonder, awe and violence of aesthetic perception, and that this exchange can only happen when one remains open to the secrets that artworks harbor. An artist can create works that have this energy only when they remain open to the perceptual force that objects, landscapes, dreams, animals and people exert on the senses.


February 1, 2014 - Terrors of the Breakfast Table launches at the Art Gallery of Hamilton

I’m proud to announce the première of my latest project Terrors of the Breakfast Table. The opening reception, which is open to the public, will be on Sunday February 9, 2014 between 2 and 4pm at the AGH.

The project is on view at the AGH until May 25, 2014.

Curator Melissa Bennett:
“Terrors of the Breakfast Table is an experimental video that invites participation. The story follows a boy on a contemplative journey about life and death. Heavily symbolic, it unfolds in an impressionistic way, with interludes of brilliant cinematography and atmospheric sound. The story is also a dreamscape, as the boy weaves in and out of consciousness, visualizing memories, familiar landscapes, and symbolic environments. The piece ruminates on the elusiveness of the mind and body, and the functions of the body—such as breathing—that seem to be invisible.

In a confounding exploration of these ideas, Tekatch designed the video installation so that the visitor’s breath causes changes to the visuals and sound. On the table in the gallery space, subtle technologies sense a viewer’s breath, triggering thought-provoking interactive elements. These include a dream montage, the pace of a scene, the ambient sound, and the brightness of the visuals.

Terrors of the Breakfast Table is Tekatch’s first major art installation. An emerging Hamilton- based artist and filmmaker, Tekatch’s work is positioned within global experimental film practices. Using non-linear narrative and a collaged aesthetic approach, his moving image works are visceral and evocative.

This piece was commissioned within the Interactive Digital Media Incubator program at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, which was made possible with the generous support of the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and the Museums and Technology Fund.”

I was very fortunate to have worked with an incredible team of people to help me realize this project:
Interactive Programming: Kyle Duffield
Sound Design: Joseph Browne
Boy: Stefan Grigoras
Man: Ivan Shaver
Cinematography: Barry Cheong and Tyler Takatch
Art Direction: Keith Hopkins
Line Producer: Adam Powell
Animation: Bojan Tosic
Prop Master: Kearon Roy Taylor
Gaffer: Koadie Preston
Grip: Chris Leung
Swing: Max Vlassenko
Lighting provided by: Picture Perfect
Colourist: Walter Grabowski
Special Thanks to: Julie Zimmerman, Sonoka Ehara, Veronica Grigoras, 270 Sherman, Brian Turnbull, Centenary United, Christoph Benfey, Vitek Wincza, Victoria Long-Wincza, Danielle Watling, Greg Moverley, My family.



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Recent films and videos:
Terrors of the Breakfast Table 2014
Interactive Video Installation | colour | sound | 18 min. loop
Barren Blossom Memory 1-5 2013
HD | colour | sound | 10 min.
Children’s Breath 2012
HD | colour | sound | 4 min.
Lair / Layer 2 2012
HD | colour | silent | 12 min. loop
Anywhere I Lay My Head 2011
HD | colour | sound | 4 min. Performance Video featuring Tor-Lukasik Foss
A Wandering Minute of Film 2011
HD | colour | sound | 1 min.
Let’s Go! 2010
SD | colour | sound | 6 min.
Spiders in Eden 2008
16mm | colour | sound | 12 min.
Uncrumpling...as moths from cocoons 2007
16mm | colour | sound | 5 min.
A Primitive Like an Orb 2006
16mm & SD | colour | sound | 10 min.

Selected Screenings and Exhibitions:
February 1, 2014 - May 25, 2014 Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, ON
Curated by Melissa Bennett
Terrors of the Breakfast Table
September 14, 2013 Hamilton Supercrawl, Curated by CKA Hamilton
Street Level Exhibit, Hamilton, ON
Barren Blossom Memory 1-5
October 3-6, 2012 Fleck Dance Theatre, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, ON
Children’s Breath
September 14, 2012 HAVN Gallery, Hamilton, ON, Lair / Layer 2
Nov. 30 2011 TIFF Bell Lightbox, Toronto ON, Curated by Andrea Picard Spiders in Eden
Sept. 2011 The Factory: Hamilton Media Arts, Curated by Nora Hutchinson, Anywhere I Lay My Head, as part of the Soul of the Street exhibit
Feb. 26 2009 Ex-Centris (Cinéma Parallèlle), Montréal QC, Curated by the Double Negative Collective, Spiders in Eden
Sept. 16, 2008 Korean Cinematheque, Seoul, South Korea, Curated by Hang Jun Lee, Spiders in Eden, Uncrumpling...as moths from cocoons
Apr. 26, 2008 Club SAW, Ottawa ON, Curated by the Available Light Collective, presented and introduced with Bruce Elder Spiders in Eden
Oct. 4, 2007 WNDX Festival of Avant Garde and Underground Film, Winnipeg MB, Uncrumpling...as moths from cocoons
Sept. 29, 2007 Nuit Blanche, Toronto ON, Uncrumpling...as moths from cocoons
June 3, 2007 Alucine, Latin Media Festival, Toronto ON, Uncrumpling...as moths from cocoons
May 2007 National Film Board of Canada, Toronto ON, Uncrumpling...as moths from cocoons




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